Bending the mallard - väännetään sorsaa

Here's the world history as we see it.
You're welcome.

-500Establishment of Roman Republic
-469Socrates was born
-460Hippocrates was born
-429Plato was born
-334Conquests of Alexander the Great start
-323Alexander the Great dies and his empire divides
-287Archimedes was born
-146Rome destroys Carthage
-106Cicero was born
-46Dictatorship of Caesar starts in Rome
-44Caesar was murdered
-7..1Jesus Christ was born
80The Colosseum
235Civilwar starts in the Roman empire
306Constantine I was born
311Beginning toleration of Christians in Roman Empire
380Christianity becomes the official Roman religion
590Pope Gregory I
630Muhammad enters Mecca in triumph
711Muslims conquer Spain
717Muslims unsuccessfully attack Constantinople
751Pepin the Short annointed king of the Franks
880-911High point of Viking raids in Europe
1073Pope Gregory VII
1095First Crusade
1154Henry II of England
1187Crusaders lose Jerusalem to Saladin
1216Founding of Dominican Order
1294Pope Boniface VII
1337Start of Hundred Years War
1381English peasant's revolt
1408-1415Jon Hus preaches in Bohemia
1420Hussite Revolt
1450Printing with movable type
1453Heavy artillery(cannons) helps Turks capture Constantinople and end Hundred Years War
1462-1505Ivan III lays foundation for Russian Empire
1469Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella
1485-1603Strong Tudor dynasty in England
1606Netherlands Dutch discover Australia
1623Blaise Pascal was born
1642Isaac Newton was born
1643Invention of the barometer
1653Completion of Taj Mahal
1665Isaac Newton invents Calculus
1688Pope Alexander was born
1706Benjamin Franklin was born
1732George Washington was born
1732Invention of Sextant
1740Industrial revolution begins in England
1743Birth of Thomas Jefferson
1754-1763Anglo-French war in North America
1756Mozart was born
1776United States of America
1770Birth of Beethoven
1791Napoleon rises to power
1800Greenland is mapped by numerous explorers and navigators
1807Britain abolishes slave trade
1809Birth of Abraham Lincoln
1812War between Britain (in Canada) and the U.S
1812First cans used in Britain for preserving food
1815Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon defeated
1818Birth of Karl Marx
1819Diving suit invented
1825Shaka of the Zulus
1838Birth of John Muir
1839Opium wars in China
1839Charles Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber
1846Neptune discovered
1850Modern soccer was born
1858Theodore Roosevelt was born
1858First transatlantic telegraph cable connects Europa and North America
1858Darwin proposes theory of natural selection
1861Beginning of US Civil War
1865Abe Lincoln was assassinated
1865Ku Klux Klan established
1876Invention of the telephone
1879Birth of Albert Einstein
1879Ivention of light bulb
1886Statue of Liberty is dedicated
1888Reign of Jack the Ripper in London (serialkiller)
1889Eiffel Tower was built
1893Birth of Mao Tse-Tung
1898Spanish-American war
1904Russia goes to war with Japan, Japan wins
1911Ronald Reagan was born
1914The start of WW1;
Allies: U.K, France, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, Russian Empire, Japan, Italy, United States
Axis: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
1917-12-06Finland became independent
1918The end of WW1
1919The Treaty of Versailles
1920-1946The league of Nations
1921Hitler becomes the leader of the National Socialist Greman Workers' party
1921Lenin sets up the New Economic Policy in Russia
1922USSR founded by Bolsheviks
1922The March on Rome, Mussolini becomes the prime minister of Italy
1923Hitler tries to seize power in Munich in the Beer Hall Putsch
1924-1926Stalin emerges as the leader of the Soviet Union
1926Television invented
1928Stalin announces the First Five Year Plan, which includes Collectivisation
1929The Wall Street Crash
1930Nazi's rise to power
1932Franklin Roosevelt is elected President of the USA
1932Electron microscope invented
1933Hitler made German Chancellor
1935Hitler begins rearmament in Germany
1936China at against Japan
1936Japan signs the anti-communist pact with Germany and Italy
1937Japan takes over Northern China
1939Start of WW2
1940Disney releases "Fantasia"
1940British scientists develop radar
1940France surrenders to Germany
1941Japan attacks U.S at Pearl Harbor
1941Operation Barbarossa
1941Hanford nuclear site in Washington developed
1942Manhattan project in U.S.
1944World Bank is established
1945First atomic bomb detonated at Alamagordo, New Mexico
1945An atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
1945United Nations
1948Israel becomes a nation
1940-1980Cold war
1949NATO founded
1950-1953Korean War
1952First polio vaccine developed
1953DNA is discovered
1955Bill Gates was born
1958NASA founded
1962Cuban Missile Crisis
1965IBM introduces the first processor
1969First man on the Cheese!.. err.. sorry, moon!
1973-2001World Trade Center
1975Founding of Microsoft
1980MS-DOS is developed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
1983CD is introduced
1983TCP/IP is adopted by ARPANET users
1986Challenger space shuttle disaster
1990WWW is developed
1990Bill Gates has too much money (1st)
1991MP3 introduced
1992Windows 3.1 - A new cool looking blue screen
1995Windows 95 is released
2000George W. Bush and Al Gore fought
2002Blobtrox was founded
2003Blobtrox one year!
2004Blobtrox two years!
2005Blobtrox three years!
2006Blobtrox four years!
2007Blobtrox five years!
2008Blobtrox six years!
2009Blobtrox seven years!
2010Blobtrox eight years!
2011Blobtrox nine years!
2012Blobtrox ten years!
2013Blobtrox eleven years!
2014Blobtrox twelve years!
2015Blobtrox thirteen years!
2016Blobtrox fourteen years!
2017Blobtrox fifteen years!

As a memo, the exact day was 2002-09-12.